My Vow


I wrote these words to you a long time ago. Long before I walked toward you wearing my grandmothers pearls and nana’s ring. Long before I held your hands and committed my life and love to you. No matter how much time passes they still hold the same meaning. I promise to hold you in my heart and love you each day forward. VIII•I•MMXIV ilumsdaafylsg 

We’ve been through so much
Ups and downs

The distance between us and yet I stand here today with you, the love of my life

I promise to love you each and every day 

That you never doubt my love for you

That you know how grateful I am for you

That you know how much you are wanted

That you see yourself through my eyes

A loving, wonderful, and beautiful soul that I’m so lucky to have

God blessed me the day I met you

He knew you were my purpose

He knew you would make me a better person

He knew that I’d make you better

He knew that our love for each other was what each of us need in this life

I thank him everyday for you

I love you baby with all that I am

I’m yours

You are mine


I do


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