One Night Only

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to be apart of a poetry challenge. I was excited, but also scared to commit to anything as it has been a while since I have completed a poem, even though I always have several unfinished works going on at one time.

She sent me the following picture and asked me, along with a few others, to write a poem or short story for her blog.

I looked at it periodically, but nothing was sticking with me. With the deadline approaching I needed to sit down and just do what felt right. Always go with your gut!

Thank you mama for allowing me the excuse to finish a poem and get back on the saddle…theoretically speaking of course!

I hope her readers along with you all enjoy what I came up with.

I’m ready for my curtain call…

xo Kat


Dense and thick

Reaching out

The scarlet material blankets me


A reflection of myself

My soul weighted down

Dragging and scrapping

At one time clawing, but no more

Long ago I would scream

Only my echo for company

So long it’s been dark

My only friend

My only companion

Always a one man show

No players in this game

A puppet on strings

Bending for the masses


A spectacle

Soon the curtain will rise

The lights come up

For one night only

My performance will start again

© Katrina Storey 02/21/15

9 thoughts on “One Night Only

    1. Awe thank you so much May!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m always writing just need to finish up the ones I’ve started! Thank you for all ur continued support! xo

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