Won’t You…


Won’t you…

Stay with me.

Your hand in mine.

Palm to palm.

Fingers linked.

This bond formed long ago.

Bigger than either of us.

Each day it grows.

It deepens.

My love for you.

How we complete each other.

Won’t you…

Stay with me.

In this moment.

Filled with laughter.

Or with tears.


Always you and I.

Do you feel my love?

Don’t you see?

Look into my eyes.

See the true me looking back.

My love in a glance.

Don’t you see it’s you.

What I want.

What I need.

What I desire.

What I lust after.

What I crave.

Who I love.

Always you.

Time will pass by.

Days into night.

Night into day.

My hair will turn gray.

My skin will wrinkle.

Do you still see me?

Do you still feel it?

What remains constant is this…

I love you.

My lover.

I love you.

My friend.

I love you.

My one.

I love you.

My only.

Stay with me.

Forever and a day.

All I ask is that you stay.

© Katrina Storey 03/21/14

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