I originally wrote this back in August 2013. I’ve made some changes and additions along the way. I’m not sure why I held onto it for so long. Maybe I needed to be ready to let this one go. I hope you enjoy it. xo Kat


Here we are.

Hanging from the ledge.

Your past.

Your future.

Looking over.

Staring me in the face.

I see your pain.

Your defeat.

Your enemy.

You reach out.

Fingers brushing.

So light a touch.

The love you have.

The love you offer.

I know you’d choose me.

Your eyes warm.

I shut my eyes tight.

I can’t look.

I know you feel it.

My love in return.

It’s because of that.

I can’t let you choose.

Saying goodbye.


Blinking away tears.

One final glimpse.

I love you.

Silent words pass between us.

You smile.

Your hand closer.

Making the choice for you.

I let go.

Peace surrounds me.

A welcoming silence.

I made the toughest choice.

Letting you live.

© Katrina Storey 01/11/14

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