Handle With Care


Worn over time.

Damaged and discarded.

Ones that said they loved you.

Ones that should have stayed.

Thrown away like nothing.

Yesterday’s amusement.

Today’s refuse.

Tossed aside to collect dust.




Another scar added.

So many.

Too many.

Left alone.



Picking you up.

Delicate and fragile.

Handle with care.

Holding you.

Loving you.

All the pieces that once were whole.



You push.

You claw.

You fight.

This is how you survive.

Gripping tighter.

Digging in.

Pulling you closer.

The past a fading memory.

Taking with it the hurt and pain.

Letting in what was once lost.

To be loved as you deserve.

Finding the strength within.

To love again.

What was once their trash.

Now and forever you are to be…

My treasure.

© Katrina Storey 12/19/13

5 thoughts on “Handle With Care

  1. Great poem.

    A treasure is always treasure. A token that represents beauty, worth, perfection. It demands attention. If it is treated as trash – it can never – NEVER – make it less than treasure. If it is discarded, it is their loss. More fool them. But the treasure will ALWAYS shine through.


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