Masterful Melody


You play the music of the night.

A song that speaks to my heart.

Every note in perfect harmony.

My pulse quickens.

It beats in time.

My heart rate flutters.

Our rhythm in sync.

Lightly caressing my ivory keys.

Soft sighs in the distance.

In tune with every stroke.

Building momentum.

The fine pressure you apply.

The crescendo rises.

Reaching a symphonic climax.

As our cries echo in the dark.

The encore of us.

Naked and exposed.

Our souls bared.

As breaths become even once more.

Laying here with you.

My passionate maestro.

Gentle and tender.

Sadness as we come to an end.

My lovers lament.

Until your masterful melody.

Fills me once more.

© Katrina Storey 12/13/13

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