Words travel upon the breeze.

Slipped from my lovers lips.

My eager ears delight.

Warm and welcoming.

Air swirling around.

Embracing me.

The tenderness as it caresses my skin.

Lifting my head.

Up to the sky.

Gentle fingers under my chin.

Supporting me.

Whispers comforting me.

Telling me to let go.

Worries gone.

Release the fear within.

My grip weakens.

Why do I fight to hold on?

Clinging to what I’m powerless to change.

When I wasn’t looking.

Solace found me.

Holding me when I couldn’t.

Loving me when I didn’t.

The clarity that I found.

Spreading through me.

Finally free from the chains.

The weight lifted.

My spirit raised.

Rising up.

Never to be held down again.

© Katrina Storey 11/30/13

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