Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to be included in another poetry challenge. Please see the link below! I hope you enjoy my offering of a mended heart!


Shattered like glass.

A broken heart remains.

Thousands of pieces.

They mare the reflection I see.



My so called happy ending.

What once felt so right.

Now empty and black.

Shut down.

Closed off.

A past full of pain.

Never again.

Feeling numb.

Barren and frigid.

Encased in ice.

My heart is protected.

No connections made.

Nothing can be severed.

I can survive this way.

Looking around.

How long I’ve been here.

In the unfeeling darkness.

Suddenly disoriented.

So strange a feeling.

A warmth fills me.

Sunbeams stretch.

Reaching out.

Melting my defenses.

Letting in light.

Banishing the dark.

Stitching the pieces back together.

Scars slowly mended.

Somewhere deep within.

My heart begins to beat…


© Katrina Storey 11/28/13

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