My Story


My hand glides along.

Stroking the binding.

Opening the cover.

Some tattered.

Weathered by time.

Read over and over.

Torn and beaten.

Rubbed thin.

Favorite moments.

Reliving them time and again.

Others tear stained.

Ink smeared where they land.

Forever marked.

The pain once felt.

So strong.

Not being able to contain it.

Flowing out upon words that hurt.

Turning the page.

Looking forward.

Love is what find.

Flipping as I go.

Eager to get to the end.

You fill these lines.

The void once felt.

Suddenly blank pages are all I find.

New and pristine.

Fresh from the start.


Yet to be written.

A story unknown.

The pen poised between my fingers.

The excitement.

The possibility.

The next chapter.

The moral.

The lesson.

The words that echo beyond our final days.

Living with every fiber.

Deep from your bones.

Love with all you have.

The greatest gift we can give.

Is the gift of ourselves.

What is important.

Neither the beginning.

Nor the end.

It’s the journey.

This is my story.

© Katrina Storey 11/23/13

5 thoughts on “My Story

  1. This is very good Katrina, I agree completely that it is the journey we take, and what we do as we travel along, how we grow ourselves and how we interact with the people we meet. There is no other gift but ourselves. Well done.

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