To And Fro

Hello everyone,

Here’s another #twinpoetrychallenge for you all.

To be a child again…just for a moment in time…

xo Kat


Looking down at the world below.

My legs dangling.

Suspended in the air.

The wind whips about.

I feel the urge to swing.

As I did once upon a time.

How high can I get?

Feeling happy at the thought.

I start to pump my legs.

Back and forth.

To and fro.

The higher I get.

The higher I go.

My heart is lite.

Once again I’m carefree.

My former self.

Just a little girl.

Playing upon the swing.

I look down again.

Bitter and cold is all I see.

To be that child once more.

Reminded I think.

Where did you go?

Your hopes.

Your dreams.

Your laughter.

Your light.

Long ago I lost you somewhere.

You let go of my hand.

We got separated in the crowd.

So happy to find you again.

Embracing myself.

Hugging that scared part of me.

It’ll be ok I say.

For we have this moment.

Holding your hand.

Our feet dangle above.


Of what’s to come.

The endless possibilities.



Suddenly a gust of wind.

The howling in my ears.

I grip your hand tight.

Trying to hold on.

I feel you slip.

Just like that you are gone.

The reminder of you remains.

How I once felt.

When I was young.

That laughing little girl upon the swing.


Like I child.

The swing rises.

Taking a deep breath.

I leap and soar.

© Katrina Storey 10/25/13

3 thoughts on “To And Fro

  1. You captured how I would feel when I was on a swing as a child! Wow! Memories are flooding back! Thank you! Beautiful as always!

    1. You’re very welcome Ruth! I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. I can remember days like that too. Just swinging and laughing. Not a care in the world. Hold onto those memories. I know I’m trying too!! xo

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