A Moonlit Waltz

Hello everyone!

This post is a little different. I decided to do a poetry challenge with my very good friend and #twin Kat Fraser. She, like myself, is an aspiring writer and poet. Her twitter account is @Kat_Kitten_ and her blog can be found at http://www.kittykat0208.com. Please follow her blog as her talent should be shared!

For this challenge we picked a single picture and are both writing a poem inspired by it. Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Here’s my offering to you all….please enjoy this lovers dance!

xo Kat


Alone in the dark.

The moon upon my back.

Sitting here lost in thought.

Weighted down.


The wind whips by and flutters my gown.

I shiver as the chill goes through me.

A shadow cast along the ground.

Two figures begin to dance.

Smiling as I watch their loving touch.

The way they frolic.

Swaying in time.

I blush as I gaze upon this sight.

Spying on this secret tryst.

Feeling ashamed, but I can’t look away.

Leaning closer.

Pulled in by the wonder before me.

Can you imagine such love.

The joy that can be found.

In the smallest of things.

Holding a hand.

A caress upon the cheek.

Stealing a kiss.

A lovers embrace.

Watching in awe.

I sit in the moonlight.

Patiently waiting.

Under a blanket of stars.

Waiting for my turn.

My turn to dance.

© Katrina Storey 10/19/13

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