Washed Away


I remember that day.

I remember your smile.

Drawing a heart in the sand.

Laughter echoed.

Kissing you.

Holding me.

The future so clear.

Looking back we were happy.

Memories as warm as the sun shining above.

I would give anything to stay there.

Lost in that moment.

Young and blind to the darkness ahead.

Now I see the path that was paved.

Twisted and warped our journey became.

Did we ever love each other?

We must have it’s true.

Days like that are proof.

I remember that heart drawn in the sand.

A symbol of our affection.

Our love of one another.

What went wrong?

Is love as fleeting?

Like a heart drawn in the sand.

So perfect at the start.

Just to be washed away.

As the tide came in.

Our love drifted out.

© Katrina Storey 10/12/13

7 thoughts on “Washed Away

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it. So many things can go wrong…people change, grow apart, loose interest, not try, take advantage of each other…the list is endless. Could be fickleness. No matter what, it’s a sad day when love dies. Sadder still when you don’t know when it died.

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