Lust consumes me as I linger.

My vision filled by you.

Your tousled hair.

Your darkening eyes.

The bite of a lip.

Skin broken and I taste blood.

The air is hot and humid.

Covered in sweat.

Clothing clings to damp flesh.

Dying to be ripped and torn.

I can feel your body heat.

The way you feast upon the idea of us.

I see it there.

In the inky blackness as our gazes meet.

I know your desires as well as my own.

For they are the same.

Your hand upon my back.

Caressing and loving.

Fueling the fire.

Leaning in with the promise of a kiss.

Fanning the flames.

Moist and soft as you press against me.

The way your tongue moves against mine.

The burn that you cause.

The scars you will surely leave.

Craving you.

Not caring.

I’ll deal with that when the day comes.

If that day comes.

For now I relish in the reality of us.

These flames lick our souls.

Higher and higher.

Covering us in scorching heat.

Melting my defenses.

Pooling on the floor along with our clothes.

Letting go.

I thaw from the inside out.

You ignite my passion.

From spark to smoke.

Burning brightly.

Burning briefly.

All that matters is the bUrn.

© Katrina Storey 10/06/13

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