Puzzle Piece


Giving all of me.

Everything I can.

Pieces of me.

One by one.

Falling into place.

The puzzle that I am.

Each one it becomes clearer.

The fog breaks.

The sun shines through.

A smile on a beautiful face.

You are closer than any other.

Letting you in.

The missing piece.

You hold my hand.

You took my heart.

There you remain.

Holding me tight.

You and I.

Completed and whole.

Where one is broken.

The other fills in the cracks.

Laughter is the glue.

This connection never to break.

Love binds us.

A promise made.

A promise kept.

Eternally yours.

Eternally mine.

Forever together.

© Katrina Storey 09/23/13

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