The Time Between


Aware of everything.

The gentle air upon my flesh.

My breath deep and heavy.

Slow to escape my lungs.

An ache consumes me.

Needing you.

Gripping the sheets beneath me.

Holding tight to anything.

Only one thing I want.

Carnal cravings.

Your fingers as they lightly trace my skin.

Warm breath escaping your lips.

Enveloping me in your essence.

I melt into you.

You fill me up.

Lustful desires that I long for.

Calm on the surface.

Hiding the truth.

My insides quake.

A storm wages.

Turbulent as the sea deep within.

The peace I seek lies with you.

Until then I remain.

Waiting here.

Watching the clock.

Tick Tock.

© Katrina Storey 09/14/13

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