You are a beacon.

A shining star.

Illuminating my path.

Guiding me home.

I bask in the soft glow.

Warmth radiates.

In your presence all is still.

A peace washes over me.

Cleansed from the inside out.

All my struggles are gone.

My pain disappears.

A comfort I have never known.

You ask for nothing in return.

I breathe deeply.

As if for the very first time.

Calm resonates from my core.

In you I’m sheltered.

Finally I feel safe.

No harm will come to me.

Words need not be uttered.

You speak to my very heart.

Why have you chosen me.

My fractured soul.

I’ll never understand.

In you I’ve been able to live again.

In you I’ve learned to believe.

You are my salvation.

Revealing yourself to me.

When I needed it most.

Forever grateful I am for you.

My love.

My life.

My angel.

© Katrina Storey 09/11/13

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