In the early morning light.

Most are sleeping sound.

Not I.

As my eyes flutter open.

Thoughts of you abound.

Warmth spreads.

Lying here pink and flushed.

A constant ache.

A burning desire.

In the warm embrace of the dark.

Beneath the veil of night.

Your scent still lingers in the air.

My skin still tingling from your touch.

The pounding of my heart.

So hard that hurts.

My pulse quickens.

Breathing is heavy.

Always wanting you.

My name on your lips.

Calling me to you.

Drawing me in.

Your heated touch.

Setting my body on fire.

Your lustful kiss.

Leaving my lips swollen.

Quenching my thirst.

Stating your hunger.

Lying here awake.

You can be blamed.

For you are the cause.

You can be praised.

For you are the cure.

You can stake claim.

For you stir my soul.

Lust filled nights.

Lead to days of longing.

It’s the time in between.

Caught up in these memories.

In twilights bewitching hour.

Along with the new day.

Love dawns.

As I lay here.

Basking it is glow.

You are ever-present.

Imprinted at every turn.

For because of you.

I am awakened.

© Katrina Storey 08/17/13

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