Free Fall



I lie beaten.

Broken down by heartache.

Time passes on the outside.

Everyone living around me.

I’m frozen.

Stuck here on pause.

No movement.

Forwards or back.

My life is on perpetual hold.

Pain consumes me.

Gripping at my chest.

Wanting to rip out my heart.

Anything to ease this torment.

I’m whittled down.

Worn thin.


A plague that’s taken hold.

What festers in this cesspool.




Slowly rotting from within.

Like a disease.

It spreads.

Blood that once ran red.

Has now turned black.

Darkness surrounds.

No light in sight.

Caught in a suffocating fog.

Thick and dense.

Do I give up?

Give in.


Wishing I could be free from you.

Why do I linger here?

Holding on as I have.

Suspended from this jagged cliff.

Hands bleeding from the rocky ledge.

Life beyond you.

Can I imagine that?

What could be.

What I deserve.



Peace within.

Not this twisted warped soul that I’ve become.

Tormented by what once was.

What could have been.

What lies below me?

As I look down.

An abyss.

If I fell.

Would you notice?

Would you care?

If I let go from the edge.

What would that mean?


Or rebirth.

Anything is better than this existence.

Letting you go.

Finally moving on.

Releasing my ache for you.

But also my pain.

Free from the addiction.

The damage the storm waged.

Now I rebuild.

Piece by piece.

Brick by brick.

I’ll find shelter then.

One that will last.

One that will stand.

© Katrina Storey 08/02/13

10 thoughts on “Free Fall

    1. Thanks mama xo I hope you liked it, hope it leaves the reader feeling hopeful for the future, stronger in their beliefs for your own happiness. Beyond any pain they are currently feeling xo

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