Can’t touch.

Longing for your caress.

Can’t hold.

Imagining your comforting embrace.

Can’t taste.

Aching for a lingering kiss.

Can’t have.

Wishing things were different.

Can’t stand it.

Wanting you so badly.

Another of life’s cruel jokes.

Laughing at my pain.

Relishing as I suffer.

If only I could accept it.

Face it and move on.

If only I could deny these feelings.

Stop them in their tracks.

The hurt would lessen.

Wounds would heal.

I’d come out the other side.


Then thoughts of you creep inside.

The roots have long been growing.

Running deep, encasing my heart.

Realization and fear set in.

I know now.

I can’t.

© Katrina Storey 07/25/13

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