Lost & Found


Slipping through my fingers.

Long ago forgotten.

The love we once had.

Replaced with resentment.

See what neglect spawns.

My heart is charred.

Bleak and gray as ash from a long ago fire.

You turn your back.

Realization sets in.

I can’t change your mind.

You slowly walk away.

It would be better if you ran.

The pain would be quick.

Instead I watch your silhouette fading.

A blurred figure.

You’ve tortured me.

With this monotonous routine.

Just going through the motions.

At one time I knew you.

Better than I knew myself.

No more laughter.

The sound of tears falling fill the void.

Silence would be better.

What happened to us?

Where did we get lost?

Is it me?

Was it you?

Why us?

Like a plague, spreading.

These contagious thoughts a disease.

One leading to another down this dark and twisted path.

Hopelessness clings tight.

My new companion.

Lonely, but never alone.

Holding the hand of pity.

In disbelief that it hurts this bad.

No solace in sight.

Bleeding out until nothing remains.

Aching and hallow inside.

I can’t say goodbye.

Unable to move on.

You made the choice that I must live with.

Darkness seeps around me.

A strange embrace.

Falling into despair.



Lost down this winding road.

Hoping to find my way back.

For now I travel further into the forest.

Into the unknown.

In losing you.

I found myself.

© Katrina Storey 07/20/13

11 thoughts on “Lost & Found

    1. It’s true, we grow and learn…more from the pain of something than the joy. In our darkest moments…when we are tested…that’s when we know what we are truly made of! xo

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