I See You



I see you.

You comfort me.

A hand to hold.

A shoulder to lean on.

Always there with a compliment.

A friendly word.

You are selfless.


I see you.

You are there.

Through good times.

Through bad.

Supporting me.

Sheltering me.

The first to defend.

The first to protect.


I see you.

You believe in me.

Advice always given.

Free from judgement.

Free from ridicule.

You push me to be better.

You opened my eyes.

In more ways than one.


I see you.

You let me in.

Opening up.

Little by little.

A facade to others.

I see the real you.

Exchanging stories.

Sharing laughter.

Shedding tears.


I see you.

You are beauty.

It radiates from within.

A bright light in the dark.

A splash of color.

Life’s vibrant energy.


I see you.

You never take it for granted.

The time we spend.

The connection we have.

If I could make you see.

I am forever changed.

I can never fully express.

What your friendship means.

Thank you for this simple gift.

That gift is you.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Simply put.

It’s you I see.

© Katrina Storey 07/19/13

17 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Oh Kat! This is so beautiful! I am sending all people here so they can read what I am unable to put into words. So moving!

  2. Beautifully positive outlook on life and what gets us through our everyday.
    I like the way you have linked in the central concepts Kat.
    Excellent poem.

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad my poems can express feelings that resonate with the reader. I write what I feel. It means a lot to have positive feed back! Thanks again xo Kat

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