Did I…


Did I…

Say everything I could.

Everything I should.

Everything I wanted to.

Do you know…

How much I love you.

How much you mean to me.

The impact you’ve had on my life.

Do you…

Feel it in your heart.

Have peace when you close your eyes.

Know I’m with you even when I’m not.

Why didn’t I…

Tell you every chance.

Hug you harder.

Kiss you more.

Show you how much.

I should have.

I could have.

Time wasted.

We can never get it back.

Too little too late.

I hope this never comes to pass.

To have those words come from my lips.

To feel the sting of regret.

I promise to…

Show you my love.

How deep it goes.

That it is endless.

In every way.

You will know and never question.

You will see and never doubt.

Making each second count.

I loved you then.

I love you now.

I’ll love you each day forward.

Until my days end.

When that day comes.

I know it will.

In my heart I’ll know.

That I loved.

With all that I had.

Every piece of me.

Every fiber.

That I truly loved.

Holding nothing back.

I can do this.

I will do this.

Will you?

© Katrina Storey 07/16/13

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