For One Night



Drumming my nails on the counter top.

My nerves taking over.

A hand upon the small of my back.

Looking into your warm expression.

A smile so inviting.

Putting me at ease.

A little bit of idle chatting fills the void.

Then you say “are you ready?”

My eyelids flutter.

Looking everywhere except at you.

Placing your hand against my cheek.

Meeting your gaze.

“It’ll be ok” you say.

Your thumb grazes my lips.

We walk through the lobby as if a million times before.

In the elevator such a small space.

Your eyes darken.

Suddenly your lips find mine.

Your hands gripping my ass tight.

My back against the wall.

Your weight pressing into me.

Moaning as my hands fist the hair at your nape.

Your growl makes my knees weak.

A strong embrace to catch me.

With a ping the doors open.

You reluctantly step away.

Taking my hand.

It feels so familiar.

“Almost there” your words laced with wanting.

A turn of the knob.

Locking the door with a click.

Tension fills the air.

I walk to the window.

So dark is the nights sky.

Your fingers brushing my shoulders.

I feel your breath at my ear.

Whispering “are you ready?”

Your lips tender against my back.

Never wanting anything more.

You pull the zipper of my dress down.

Your mouth upon my neck.

Clothes falling to the ground.

Feeling reckless.

Feeling wild.

Turning my head to you.

Flesh exploring flesh.

Wanting you so badly.

One night of heat.

Inhibitions gone.

Tonight it’s just us.

Savoring every second.

Each sound that spurs our desire.

The way you claimed my body as yours.

You never knew my name.

Your touch knew every inch.

We were strangers passing in the night.

For one night I was yours.

Every night since.

You have been mine.

© Katrina Storey 07/07/13

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