Our Overture


A touch.

A caress.

The simplest of actions give way to never-ending pleasure.

Feather light.

Barely brushing.

My fingers trace the outline of your well toned muscle.

Your breath hitches.

A smile forms.

My hair tickles your skin as I leave a trail of kisses.

A prelude.

Just a taste to wet your appetite.

Teasing you.

Following a sinful path.

Journeying south.

All leading me here.

Various ways to make you scream my name.

Making you lose control.

Sweet victory.

I smirk at my private thoughts.

Looking up from under hooded lashes.

My reward is that wicked grin.

A rosy hue spreads across my cheeks.

Knowing we will both take delight in what’s to come.

Your arousal is clear.


The sweetest of aches.

You whisper “baby please”.

So tantalizing this request.

I cannot deny.

The sound of metal teeth.

Another gasp.

This time it’s my own.


Your love is ever-growing.

My tender lips linger.



Slowly moving.

Gliding along.

Gripping my hair.

Pulling it tight.

Tension builds.

Desire pools.

I want to dive in head first.

No inhibitions.

No reservations.

I shudder.

Clenching in the dark.

I ache from within.

You answer my plea.

Your hand upon my arm.

Guiding me up.

Closer now to our loves end game.

Pushing me down upon the mattress.

Your love envelops me.

Your love fills me.

Moist lips welcome you.

Nails dig.

Gripping the sheets.

Moans fill the air.




We reach our crescendo.

Such emotions upon release.

My hearts love song.

You play every note.

In this symphony of us.

© Katrina Storey 06/30/13

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