Near Or Far


Outwardly we were complete opposites.

Me a quiet and shy kid.

You a outgoing, loud, don’t mess with me new girl.

It all started with a “Hey you!”

The rest is history.

You know me so well.

As I know you.

The real you that most people don’t get see.

We have our inside jokes.

Our own little quirks.

We get each other.

We make each other laugh like no one else can.

That’s what I miss the most.

You moved away.

I understand why.

Look where you are now.

It’s amazing to see.

I still miss you everyday.

And love you even more.

We have known each other longer then we haven’t.

When I am feeling blue you make me smile.

When I need advice you give it to me straight.

You like sweets even more than I do.

How is that possible.

Look where life has taken us.

Look at the things we have been through.

We’ve been there for each other through lifes stages.

Through birth.

Through death.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy and sad when I think of you.

A lifetime of memories and we still have so far to go.

The distance that lies between us makes me cry.

Then I remember that I carry you with me.

You are forever in my heart.

This is long past due.

My ode to you.

How do you tell your best friend what they mean.

With you I don’t have to.

You know how I feel.

You mean the world to me.

Without you I’m not whole.

You’re a huge part of me.

My past, present, and future.

I love you my BFFF.

Geek Out and Proud.


We are each others match.

Sole mates.

Near or far.

Forever and always.

Sisters at heart.

© Katrina Storey 06/20/13

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