His hand.

It tucks the loose strands of hair behind my ear.

His touch.

It can be gentle.

It can be primal.

Both expressing the hearts deepest desires.

Electricity crackles between us.

Tingling from head to toe.

Like being struck by lightning.

His gaze.

Meeting mine.

It is dark.

It is wicked.

His mouth.

Sensuality begins and ends there.

In a word.

With a kiss.

Lips part.

His tongue licks the delicious flesh I long to taste.

There is an intake of breath.

Then the trance I am in is broken.

My eyes travel upward.

Locked in his sights.

Wanting more.

I bite my lip.

A silent plea.

Longing for the connection.

Then in a flash…

His hand is splayed on my back.

Pressing hard…

Pulling me close.

His eyes say one thing.


Staking his claim.

His lips so sweet.

Sinking into the depths of each other.


Taking all of me…

What he takes he gives back to me ten fold.

Pulling out my very essence.

Taking it in.

Then I’m refilled with his.

Mouths locked.

Tongues dance.

Bodies pressed close.

Heat in my belly rises.

Lust is tangible.

Igniting the flame within.

Spreading like a wild-fire.




Sparks fly.

Β© Katrina Storey 06/19/13

10 thoughts on “Sparks

    1. 😳😳😳 LOL! I’m glad u liked it mama!! Hope it starts a fire within you too….you know one that can only be put out with a 🍌! xo ur poppet πŸ‘

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