Baby Mine


Did I love until now?

I felt so full before.



Then you.

First you were a thought.

A wish.

Finally coming true.

Hearing your heartbeat for the first time.

Tears form in my eyes.

You are real.

Carrying you inside me.

Keeping you safe while you grow.

Forming a bond.

Connected forever.

You are love.

Pure love.

Hearing you cry for the first time.

Wanting to comfort you.

Sooth you.

Tell you it is ok.

That mommy is here.

Holding you.

Finally touching you.

Kissing you.

You are mine.

My baby.

My heart.

An extension of me.

So tiny.

So small.

Ten fingers.

Ten toes.

You are joy.

You are light.

In you I see endless possibilities.

A future so bright.

I want to protect you from harm.

For you to never hurt.

I know you will.

It is how you will learn.

How you will grow.

What kind of person will you become?

What will your life be like?

I know that the world will be better.

It will be brighter with you in it.

I know this because you are my world.

It was changed the day I knew about you.

That it would never be the same.

My sweet baby.

You are cherished.

So precious.

A gift.

The greatest gift of all.

The gift of life.

© Katrina Storey 06/07/13

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