Sex On Your Lips



The corner of your mouth.

That deliciously sinful mouth.


The way you tease.

Little by little.

Knowing your emotions lie there.

Waiting to spring forth.

Out of their shell.

Out in the open.

The shadows surrounding those lips.

Dancing in the darkness.

Needing to dance with a partner.

Your tongue makes an appearance.

Wetting your flesh.

Showing your need.

The devil delights in these thoughts.

The flames licking higher.


More and more…

Heat rises in my cheeks.

Turning warm.


Captured with just one look.

Hunger lies in that wicked grin.

The sparkle in your eye.

That lustful gaze.

I want to feed until the hunger subsides.

Will it diminish?

Will it ever fade?

Gorging on each other.

The desire…

The need…

The longing…

The wanting…

Like a wave crashing into me.

Pounding over and over.

Never comes to mind.

Never will it end.

Never will it lessen.

Just on the tip of my tongue.


© Katrina Storey 06/05/13


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