Drawn To You


A whisper.

I hear it.

My name carried on the breeze.

You call to me.

Pulling me closer.

Drawing me in.

I feel you.

You are not here.

Yet you are everywhere.

All around.

Your essence fills me.

The warm air caresses my skin.



Gentle kisses all over my body.

I can feel your lips at my neck.

Your hand spayed across my stomach.

I melt into your embrace.

My desire for you never dies.

The intensity only increases.

To love this hard.

To love this fast.

Falling into you.

Everything leading me here.

Into your arms.

Captivated by you.

Like a candle in the dark.

Licking flames dance about.



I am mesmerized.

Illuminating the surrounding darkness.

I reach out.

Unable to stop.

I want to feel your heat.




To get burned.

© Katrina Storey 05/19/13




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