Remembering how it was.

My hand glides along my body.

Replaying it over and over.

I bite my lip at the thought of you.

I run my hand along my shoulder.

Rubbing it.

Slowly moving up my neck.

I wince.

My fingers brush the bite mark you left.

A smile forms on my mouth.

Wicked thoughts.

The pain is temporary.

Memories of where you have been.

Lingering on my skin.

Like a fingerprint.

Claiming me.

Forever yours.

I am infected.

You have taken over.

Consumed by you.

I am no longer myself.

My mind, body, and soul…

They belong to you.

Instinct takes over.

Heart rate quickens.

Panting breaths.

Licking my lips.

My nipples harden.

I ache for you.

Your touch.

Your lips.

You breathe life into me.

Reanimated by you.

I am your broken puppet.

You my sinful puppeteer.

Oh how I long for you to pull my strings.

Be my master.

Be my guide.

© Katrina Storey 05/16/13



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