Smooth like glass.

On the surface.

Underneath lies the truth.

You are unpredictable.

Ever changing.

Pure energy.

In your presence my eyes are open.

No more a life of black and white.

Dazzling colors fill my vision.

You make me feel alive.

You make me whole.

When I am away from you my heart aches.

Your pull is too strong.

I am tethered to you.


Being close to you.

Only then am I at peace.

I can’t explain it.

We are connected.

You wash over me.

Wave upon wave.

Your rhythm.

It matches mine.

You are a force.

The power you hold.

Rushing over me.

Pounding against my aching skin.

Cleansing my soul.

I am washed clean.


Then I look at you.

I am ready to sin again.

© Katrina Storey 05/15/13


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