The Last Kiss

Darkness surrounds us.

A spark.

It ignites my soul.

Passion and desire consume me.

You light the fuse.

A kiss.

The last kiss before you say good night.

Your lips are…

Gentle, soft, and tender.

Feeling you caress my back.

Pulling me closer.

Breathing you in.

Your sweet scent filling my lungs.

You are the last thing I see.

One final image.

A snap shot.

I hold it close to my heart.

My heart swells.

I adore you.

I love you.

Smiling as my mind drifts.

Always smiling.

Side effects from your affection.

Your hand pushes the hair off my forehead.

I am lost in my thoughts of you.

You grin at me.

You caught me.

I feel heat rise in my cheeks.

Then we laugh together.

Never wanting these moments to end.

If I had one wish it would be that.

Never having to say good night to you.

Every night I know it is coming.

An alarm clock that I never want to set.

As you look into my eyes, they are searching.

As you kiss my forehead, your lips linger.

Good night my love you whisper against my skin.

Nights become restless days until we are here together again.

Whispering I love you into your chest.

Then silence.

The word always is caught between us.

Hanging in the air.

Will it settle.

Will it land.

You bring my hand to your mouth.

Turning it you kiss my palm.

There it is.

Your lips spoke it without a sound.

© Katrina Storey 05/09/13


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