Light flickers.

A gleam.

Eyes soften.

An exchange of glances.

Warmth passes between us.

Unspoken love.

For words are not necessary.

You are a mirror into my soul.

Me looking into you.

You looking into me.

Defining lines blur and fade.

There is no separation between us.

We are one.

My soul mate.

My perfect match.

My gaze lingers.

I am falling deeper into you.

Into an abyss.

It is endless.

I see you.

Just as you see me.

Stripped down to our most basic form.



I crave you.

I desire you.

I need you.


Only ever you.

My world stops.

Frozen in this moment.

Here and now.

It is all we have.

It is all that matters.

When I look at you I can see myself clearly for the first time.

It is the true me.

My reflection staring back.

My hopes.

My dreams.

My reality.

My life.

© Katrina Storey 05/05/13


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