Last Words Spoken

It’s ok I say.

You can go.

Time to leave this earthly plane.

From the confinements of your body.

Time to be free from pain and suffering.

I hold your hand.

It is rough.

Your life shown in the lines that time has drawn.

I speak softly.

My voice shakes.

I must be strong for you.

Inside I’m falling apart.

My heart lies in pieces.

I stroke your face.

Caress your weathered skin.

I tell you I’ll be ok.

Our time here is temporary.

You are heading to your true home.

It calls to you.

It embraces your spirit.

It is comfort.

It is peace.

It is time.

I choke on the words.

A simple phrase.

Stuck in my throat.

I squeeze your hand.

I feel you let go.

I close your eyes and tears start to fall.

A gentle kiss on your forehead.

I whisper…

Good bye.

I love you.

I’ll see you again soon.

Everyday since those final good byes.

I feel you with me.

Each day forward you are there too.

Until my time comes.

Until I hear you calling my name.

You tell me it’s ok.

That forever starts today.

© Katrina Storey 04/28/13


2 thoughts on “Last Words Spoken

    1. Thanks Mama! I was crying, but a good kind of crying. I miss my family I’ve lost, but I know I’ll see them again and this life is a blink in comparison! xo

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