Shattered and torn.

My heart is in pieces.

Will it mend?

Will this pain ease?

It aches.

Sorrow and grief threaten to consume me.

Sadness washes over me.

I am alone.

Memories of you flood my mind.

I can’t breathe.


I miss you.

More then words can express.


I’m just a shell.

One little crack and I crumble.

I lay on the floor.

My heart ripped from my chest.

I long to be numb.

To forget this pain.

Worn down.

Battered and bruised.

I am…


© Katrina Storey 04/07/13


4 thoughts on “Broken

    1. Thanks Mama! It’s sad, but I know it’ll get better…time heals all wounds. In time the hurt will lessen…we never forget, but move forward as a stronger person.

      xo ur Darling girl!

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