Molly…my heart xo


To say the least this has been the most difficult week for me.

My dog Molly has been slowly deteriorating over time. She’s now over 10 years old and has had multiple surgeries as many of you know. The arthritis is now spread to her back and so she has difficulty walking and supporting her weight. Her poor little body just can’t keep up anymore.

I’ve decided to put her down and it will be here at home later today.

I hope this is the right decision as she will only continue to get worse and I’d rather her go before she’s in any more pain.

I’ve been blessed to have her in my life these past 10+ years.

Thank you to everyone’s well wishes and thoughts! I love you all! It means the world to me to have that support.

Today will be sad, but knowing I got to say good bye to her and to spend these last few moments with her, I will cherish forever.

I find peace in that.

xo Kat

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