I feel cold.

Ice runs through my veins.

Darkness slowly surrounds me.

Like a plague, negativity starts to feed.

It gorges itself.

Never a hunger that is satisfied.

It drains me, to the brink of nothingness.

In it’s wake, self doubt and second guessing is all that remains.

These distorted, warped images and thoughts.

They take a hold of my mind.

An anchor that’s been cast.

Its grip is tethered and tied.

Like ink in water it spreads.

It turns something that was clean and pure, dark and tainted.

I feel my soul darken.

Frozen to the world.

A statue, lifeless and empty.

Then a voice.

It is faint, but persistent.

It’s presence a relief.

A light flickers.

Don’t let the darkness take hold.

Ask yourself what is true, not what you perceive to be true.

This hollow feeling inside.

It’s not me.

It doesn’t define me.

I’m strong, not weak.

Brighter the light becomes.

I feel the heaviness in my chest lighten.

I realize this light has been there all along.

Comfort is found within.

It will get better as the light shines.

Feeling returns.

You can do this.

You will do this.

You must do this.

Fight back.

Take your mind back.

Break the chains of night.

Burst forward into the light of day.

Know your worth.

You are here for a reason, a purpose.

Life is scary.

Be brave in spite of life.

Be brave because of it.

© Katrina Storey 03/24/13


8 thoughts on “Grip

    1. It touches my heart to know it touched yours! Yin anytime you need it…I’m here! You are wonderful…a voice that needs to be heard. Thank you for ur support, friendship, and for being you. ❤ ur Yang! xo

    1. Love u too #twin! I’m glad you can relate to it. I think we all do in small ways in part…for some it’s bigger. Know that the darkness can’t take hold if we don’t let it. Whether good days or bad days…it’s the fighting for life and living our life, that what is the true measure of our worth! xo ur #twin always! Love u

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