Ties That Bind…an Ode to Darwin Blake!


This is the first time I’ve blogged to express my love for something or someone rather, but I’d like to take a second to share my love for a particular poet. Mr. Darwin Blake, Almost Famous Author! For those of you that haven’t had the PLEASURE you can find him on Facebook at Darwin Blake, on Twitter @DarwinBlake, and his blog http://www.darwinblake.com. He claims to be an Almost Famous Author, but to his many fans that’s quite the contrary statement!

Darling Darwin,
Thank you. Two words, but they encompass so much more. Firstly my appreciation and adoration for you. Thank you for sharing your poems with the world. Thank you for being a friend to your fans. Thank you for indulging my cheekiness and giving it right back. Thank you for your advice. Most importantly thank you for the most precious gift of all…POTATO!! (You knew it would be there somewhere!)

Out of all the twitterdoms & twitter-verses…u had 2 walk into mine! TY 4 everything! U inspire this cheeky potato! ;0)x mine!

The following is for you…I hope you enjoy it!

xo Your Alaskan fan Kat

Ties That Bind

Your words speak to me.

They stir my insides.

You inspire the naughty side.

For without naughty there would be no nice.

Sweet treats for my imagination.

Endlessly filled with lust, passion, desire, longing, heat…always wanting.

Never could there be enough of you the Prince of Prose.

Many names you embody each fitting you perfectly.

Darling Darwin
Devilish Darwin
Dirty Darwin
Deep Darwin
Direct Darwin

I desire your delicious descriptions of dark deeds.

They are sensual.

They are powerful.

They are sinful.

A pleasure to the senses.

I’m tied to you.

Tightly around my wrists and my heart.

These ties the bind…never to be removed.

© Katrina Storey 03/13/13


4 thoughts on “Ties That Bind…an Ode to Darwin Blake!

  1. What a Perfect Ode to this wonderful Man and his work! Know exactly how you feel he’s a rare find! TY for sharing XX ….loved 💏 It was 🔥😛😍😊👍👏👏👏

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