It radiates…starting from within.

Slowly filling you.

Once full it has no where to go, but out.

That warmth moves, like calm lapping waves.

Pushing out from you onto others you touch.

A touch is not always physical.

It can be with a smile, a kind word of encouragement, a simple act of selflessness.

This positivity does good a hundred times over.

Changing the world in your own way.

Little by little.

You shine.

You shine so brightly, you are a beacon of light in the darkness.

A guiding light.

Never doubt it…
Never second guess…
Never let the darkness take over.

You are the sunshine you seek.

A ray of light, it starts and ends with you.

© Katrina Storey 03/08/13


5 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Yang, that’s wonderful 🙂 When I pray, I pray that our lights shine brighter & our goodness shines through. The world needs more sunshine. “You are the sunshine you seek.” Love ❤

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