With one word from you I can feel it. Just one…no more no less.

My finger itches to pull the trigger…

Drawn to you, like there is an invisible string that connects us. With nothing but a small tug and I fall to my knees.

I’m filled with excitement. The thought of going a few rounds with you, to spar with a partner that is my equal. Give and take, in this dance of ours. We know the moves…going on instinct.

I can feel it, deep inside. The inner beast within me stirs. A long time since it last fed.

The anticipation builds…where will the round go. How far down the rabbit hole will this take us.

You are in my sights. I’m locked and loaded…

Deep breath in…slowly push it from my lungs. A moment frozen in time. Applying pressure to the trigger, pulling back. It…begins…now. BANG

In and out…
Push and pull…
Swollen hearts and swollen lips…

One trigger leads to another. Feeding off each other we devour everything. Delicious it is. A feast for the soul.

It is playful, laughter echos throughout.
It is passion, lustful thoughts consume me.
It is pleasure, lingering around us. Entwining and binding us together.

Tugging on that string inching closer to one another.

Locked and not wavering. I see straight into your soul, all of you. I know you see me too. Naked and bared to you. All of me.

The biggest trigger of all is…


© Katrina Storey 03/06/13

5 thoughts on “Trigger

    1. One dance with you and this wallflower has certainly been plucked! ;0)

      I love those dance moves of yours!

      You know what they say about a man that can dance…

      xo Minx

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