Hungry For More…here we go!

Like my life isn’t busy enough, here I am piling on more to my overflowing plate. I have a blog on Google+, but it looks like WordPress is the blog of choice! So originally my blog was a way that I could review books that I had read…whether it was something I liked, hated, or loved! For those of you that don’t know me…I really don’t hate much! I like most everything and love probably even more! That being said when I do love something, I LOVE it! There is usually no middle ground. I think it’s a good quality, but also can be a detriment to me also! Oh well…fair warning! Here’s some brief info about me…

I was born and raised in Alaska. It’s home and I do love it here. Don’t get me wrong I hate the winters, but that comes with the territory. I work all the time…no seriously I work 6-7 days a week, so when I say why am I adding more to my plate? I DO NOT KNOW! A glutton for punishment I guess. I have Facebook and Twitter also! I’ve been addicted to the latter since Oct 2012. Sometimes you just need a place to join with others that share your same interests and quirks! That’s right…QUIRKS! In my free time (what free time?) I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, and handful of other things! Something most don’t know about me is I have been working on writing a book…just the topper on the preverbal cake called life. I would love to see it come to fruition and heres hoping! I think that’s pretty much it and as I’m typing from my phone…and at work…yep, I’m at work! I’m planning on posting something else later and also perhaps post some parts of the book I have started!

Perhaps one last thing, I should explain the blog name. It goes back to liking things…a bit obsessively! I don’t do drugs, drink, or smoke and thank god for that! I have enough obsessions like books and twitter! So being Hungry For More is some insight into my personality. Enjoying life and always looking forward to things…hungry for more…whatever life decides to throw my way! Good and bad, we take it as it comes! Alright, well I hope I’ve left you intrigued and a bit “Kat” like and being…Hungry For More!

Thank you for reading the ramblings of a girl named Kat! xo


8 thoughts on “Hungry For More…here we go!

    1. Thanks Mama! Yes, I have started one. Need to work on it more then I have been! Wouldn’t it be cool to have something published! Just awesome! Fingers crossed, but it takes hard work! xo Kat

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